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How’s the Fishing?

People ask me all the time: How is the fishing? Now there is a loaded question. I have struggled withthe answer to this question most of my career. I am an honest man so I 'm going to tell you the truth. I make my living by taking people fishing so I don't want you to walk away if I am not over enthusiastic. What they are really asking me is, "How is the Catching". So my honest enthusiastic answer to that question is, "The fishing is Great!" But the Catching varies from day to day.

What is fishing?

As I get older my definition changes. There are many aspects of fishing. Let’s look at three of those aspects.

Talking about fishing.

This is one of, if not the most important aspect of fishing there is. You can talk about fishing just about anytime to just about anyone. You can talk about technique, locations, tackle, boats, weather, fisheries management, regulations etc...

You can talk on the phone to your buddies about it. You can talk to your Doctor about it. You can join a fishing club and go to meetings about it. You can go online and talk to strangers around the world about it. It’s Everywhere!

You can even talk about it at work! In a way you're getting paid to go fishing.

Sharing Stories and Experiences

Almost everyone you know has been fishing and has a story to share about their experience. Sharing fishing stories is like telling jokes. Most likely while someone is telling you their story, it will remind you of one of your experiences. You start lining up the stories in your mind that you are going to tell them as soon as they get through telling theirs.

It could be about that tournament winning, once in a life time, life changing spiritual experience that most people won’t believe. So you don’t even bother sharing that story because you want to keep your reputation of being honest and level headed.
It could be about that old rerun in your head about the BIG ONE THAT GOT AWAY. If you see my good friend Bob Sharp get him to tell you his story. It is sad, but he you will enjoy it.
It may be about some of the best times you have ever had with you friends and family. I have a lot of those kind of stories. Like the first Cobia I caught with my father when I was 11 years old. Or King Mackerel fishing with my brother and nephew around Pensacola Pass and the sunken Battleship Massachusetts. Or the one about the time I took my wife Tammy and our kids on their first overnight trip. And the time Tammy and I went with our good friends on their 40th wedding anniversary to South Pass and tagged two 500 pound Blue Marlin.

This is a big part of fishing, Sharing, Remembering.


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